Teknetics Alpha Metal Detector

Teknetics Alpha Metal Detector
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Product Description

Teknetics Alpha 2000 Metal Detector

Teknetics Alpha 2000 Metal Detector Product Specifications:

Numerical Category Target ID System Tone Discrimination Number of Tones: 3 Levels of Adjustable Discrimination: 6 Discrimination by Categories Single Notch Selectable by Category Adjustable Sensitivity Battery Life Indicator Intuitive Menu System Numberical Depth Readout 1/8" and 1/4" Headphone Jacks Rubber-Button Control Interface 1 Search Mode: Discrimination Mode All Metals Motion Mode (2nd Derivative) Transmit Frequency: 7.8 kHz Preset Ground Balance Concentric 8 Inch Open-Face Coil System Locking Ring Coil Connector Power Supply: 9V Alkaline Battery (not included)