Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 Metal Detector

Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 Metal Detector
Item# BHDiscovery3300

Product Description


The Discovery 3300 metal detector by Bounty Hunter is a professional, full-digital, motion discrimination detector which also includes a no-motion, deep-seeking pinpoint function. In addition to the depth indicators, four-tone audio and 11-segment visual display, the Discovery 3300 offers a numeric target value for the most accurate identification of buried objects. Make it easy to find only what you want by programming with the 7-segment target eliminator or use "zap" to immediately eliminate any unwanted items with one push of a button. You have your choice of using the automatic ground balance preset or you can easily adjust the detector for any unique ground conditions you encounter. Other standard features include an 8" waterproof, open-faced interchangeable coil system, adjustable aluminum stem and padded armrest with a comfortable hand grip.


Coin depth indicator even tells you how far below they're buried--up to 10".

7-Segment discrimination and notch controls let you selectively eliminate ranges of metals.

4-Tone Target identification gives you audio clues as to what's being detected.

Automatic and manual ground balance adjustments for optimum searching based on terrain composition.

Headphone jack.

8" interchangeable waterproof search coil.

Padded armrest and ergonomic hand grip for ultimate comfort.

Squelch-Tech™ Noise-Reduction Circuitry.

1-Touch Pinpoint Control Automatic and User-Controlled Ground Balance Adjustment.

Touch Pad All-Digital Controls.

Interchangeable Coil System.

8" Open-Face Waterproof Search Coil.

Padded armrest and ergonomic hand grip for ultimate comfort.

Adjustable aluminum stem.

Comfort hand grip.

What's in the box: Metal Detector and Owner's Manual.

*2 9 volt batteries required (Not Included)*