Coiltek 15" All Terrain Coil for Minelab X-Terra

Coiltek 15" All Terrain Coil for Minelab X-Terra
Item# coiltekxterra15wot

Product Description

We are proud to introduce this new coil from Coiltek Manufacturing.

In a collaborative effort with Minelab we are the only Global after-market manufacturer of a fully approved X-TERRA coil utilising the VFLEX technology. This is sure to compliment the already outstanding performance of the X-TERRA series of detectors.

With the combination of our already best-selling 15" All Terrain coil for the coin hunting machines and the official inclusion of the VFLEX Technology, we have now produced what many X-TERRA users have been after: a larger coil for more depth and coverage!

This is a fully water proof coil which has excellent depth capabilities and also pinpoints easily with either the tip of the coil, or using the pinpoint function on the detector. During testing it already produced a number of significant finds at varying depths. It has good balance on the end of the shaft as it is lightweight for its size and responds well to deep targets.

With a diameter of 15" (375mm) this coil provides the user with a great option for more coverage and better depth than any of the current standard coils which are available. It is produced in the medium frequency 7.5 kHz) to help compliment the coils ability to punch deep into the ground and give great overall performance.

Coil specifications

DD configuration 6 pin plug Fully Water proof Lightweight Robust construction 7.5kHz medium frequency Suited to all X-TERRA Models 15" diameter (375mm)

Coil Strengths

Good stability & sensitivity Good for open terrain Easy pinpointing Robust construction Excellent depth

Applicable Metal Detectors X-TERRA 30, 50, 70, 305, 505, & 705