Fisher CZ-21 Metal Detector with 8" Coil

Fisher CZ-21 Metal Detector with 8" Coil
Item# cz218incoil

Product Description

Multi-Frequncy Infinite Spectrum Technology: Fisher CZ series detectors send out a huge spectrum of signals that induce magnetic fields into metal objects at different frequencies. Multifrequency transmission with dual processing technology, engineered to take you to deep treasure, proven in the field! Easy to use, High performance: New and seasoned treasure hunters alike count on the CZ. Superior Depth & I.D. Accuaracy: The mark of the CZ worldwide! Multi-use, Hunt Anywhere: On the beach or in mineralized soil, automatically. Backed by a 2 Year Guarantee: 2 year limited warranty. Dual Frequency: 5 & 15 kHz High Performance, Submersible, Target-ID Metal Detector for underwater, surf, beach, anywhere in all kinds of weather New Improved pinpointer control Improved water proofing to 250 feet

You can go anywhere with the CZ-21 even 250 feet underwater. The CZ-21 is a go-anywhere, do anything, all-weather, target-ID machine that is leak proof to 250 feet. And its patented electronics make it deep-seeking while it ignores the destabilizing effects of salt water. It is the perfect target ID machine for the versatile treasure hunter who wants to hunt anywhere-underwater, on the beach, in the surf, on dry land and in all kinds of weather.

Target I.D: put on the headphones, swing the search coil, and listen to the 3-tone target I.D. A low tone means you are over iron, amid tone means pull tab of gold ring and a high tone means a coin. And a distinctive bell tone lets you know when you are over big , shallow targets, no more digging beer cans! For precise pinpointing, use the Pinpoint button, which puts the detector in a no-motion-required , all metal mode. See for yourself: If you are an all-around treasure hunter who will not settle for second best, the CZ-21 is the detector for you.

Feature: Submersible to 250 feet, Three-tone, audio target I.D., Patented Dual-Frequency Fourier Domain Signal analysis, Silent-search , VLF, slow motion discrimination, Super-hot, wide-scan, all metal auto tune mode, Push-button, VCO no-motion pinpointing, Big-target alert, Increased depth in mineralized soil, Wet-sand operation, Faint target audio boost, Push-button ground balance, Separately sealed battery compartment with 4-9v batteries (gives a solid 45 hour use), and a 8 " Spider open-center coil, Removable control housing mounts on your belt with belt clip (included), Easy to use: turn-on-and-go, pre-set control.

Summary of Field Test (Reprinted from Lost Treasure Magazine) Incorporating all of the features of the field-proven CZ-5 and CZ-6 with the exception of the meter, the CZ-21 should prove to be an extremely popular detector with not only water and beach hunters, but coin and relic hunters who want a top-notch detector that is totally impervious to the elements. This is truly a detector that will perform equally as well in salt-water surf as it will in a fresh water lake, a school yard, or mineralized battlefield or campsite.

The CZ-21 comes with Fisher's two year warranty, which considering it's an underwater detector, shows how confident the factory is that it will hold up under virtually any condition one might use it in.

General Information: Weight: 5lbs. 11oz. - Two year warranty - Comes with instruction book - Standard Battery Pack with 4-9 Volt Batteries - Submersible Headphones - Belt Clip to wear Controls on Waist or Hip