Fisher F2 Metal Detector with 11" Elliptical DD Coil

Fisher F2 Metal Detector with 11" Elliptical DD Coil
Item# F2w11coil

Product Description

Fisher’s newest model the F2 Metal Detector has what it takes to go against any other detector make or model in this price range.

This little detector is just loaded with features like visual target identification, 4-tone audio ID, super fast target response and even Notch discrimination for better recovery on all types of gold jewelry. Combine that with “Easy to use all automatic operation” and a large LCD meter that tells you at a glance how the detector is set-up and what your target is. This little gem from one of the oldest names in metal detectors is perfect for coin and jewelry hunting, beach combing, relics and more!

Best features over other similar Metal Detectors: 2-Digit numeric target value

4-tone audio I.D.

One touch Pin pointing

Target category Notch system

Real time coin depth indicator

Light weight only 2.6 lbs.

5 year limited warranty

11" DD Search Coil