Fisher F70 Metal Detector with 11" Search Coil

Fisher F70 Metal Detector with 11" Search Coil
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Product Description

The New Fisher F70 Metal Detector

From the Enthusiast to the Professional, the Fisher F-70 has many great features. Use it for Coin Shooting, Relic Hunting, Gold Prospecting and much more. The all new Fisher F-70.

Backed by Fisher's Five Year Warranty.

Fisher F70 Metal Detector Features:

13 kHz Frequency - Good for Relics. Coins, Jewelry and Gold Prospecting

Frequency Shift - To Eliminate Noise from Interference and Cross Talk

Advanced Software-based Discrimination with Notch Discrimination

All- Metal Auto-Tune Mode - For Maximum Depth

Visual Target ID By Category and 0-99 Indication, Both in Discrimination and Auto-Tune Modes

Target ID Confidence Bar Graph

High-Resolution Push-Button Ground Balance with Ground Balance Readout

Ground Balance Range Goes all the way to Salt

Continuous Display of Ground Mineral Concentration

Push Button Static Pinpoint with Variable Audio Pitch and Visible Depth Display

Speed Selection - Normal for Most Applications, Slow for Deep Targets in Non-Trashy Areas

11" Elliptical Concentric Open Center Search Coil

Fisher 5 Year Limited Factory Warranty