Fisher F75 Metal Detector

Fisher F75 Metal Detector
Item# F75

Product Description

Fisher F75 Metal Detector

F75 Technicals

• Light weight and well-balanced: best ergonomically engineered detector in the industry.

• Intuitive menu-driven user interface

• Large LCD screen

• Visual indicators of important values such as:

• Target Identification • Target Confidence • Target Depth (both running-depth and pinpoint-depth) • Ground Mineralization

• Multiple Search Modes:

• Discrimination • Static All-Metal • Motion All-Metal

• Trigger-actuated FASTGRAB™ ground balancing with manual override

• Waterproof 11-inch open-frame BiAxial™ searchcoil

• Trigger-actuated target pinpointing with variable audio pitch

• Fully Adjustable Arm Rest

• Display backlight for night and low-light conditions

• Notch and discrimination controls

• Covers provided for both the control housing and battery box.


Mechanical: S-rod with electronics housing mounted on handgrip, 3-piece breakdown, batteries under elbow, 2-way armrest adjustment — forward/backward & around forearm.

Searchcoil: 11” (28 cm) open-frame elliptical double-D, waterproof.

Batteries: 4 AA, alkaline (included).

Weight: 3.5 pounds (1.6 kg) with alkaline batteries installed.

Static Balance: force in vertical plane normal to elbow 0.47 pounds (0.22 kg).Varies with adjustment and user’s stance and arm/hand physiology.

Dynamic Balance: axial moment, 0.29 foot-pounds (0.39 newton-meters). Varies with adjustment and user’s stance and arm/hand physiology.

Sweep Effort: lateral moment 5.2 foot-pounds (7.1 newton-meters).

Operating Principle: VLF induction balance

Operating Frequency: nominal 13 kHz, quartz crystal timing reference

Basic Sensitivity: 6 x 109 root Hertz (detectivity)

Lag Coefficient: 78 milliseconds

Reactive Overload: approximately 10,000 micro-cgs units (volume susceptibility) 40,000 micro-cgs units with sensitivity < 30.

Resistive Overload: approximately 1,200 micro-cgs units (volume susceptibility) 4,800 micro-cgs units with sensitivity < 30. Ground Balancing Range: From ferrite to salt, inclusive.

Discrimination Ground Suppression: combination of second and third order methods

ID Ground Suppression: third order

Battery Life: typically 30 hours with high quality alkalines, somewhat less with rechargeables.

Operating Temp Range: 4 to +122 degrees F (-20 to +50 degrees C) Operating Humidity Range: 0-90% non-condensing