Lesche Knife with Sheath

Lesche Knife with Sheath
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Product Description

The Fisher Lesche Knife is a multipurpose sod-cutting and digging tool, doing the work of a knife, trowel, and tiller to help you get down to your target quickly and easily with minimal damage to the turf.

The blade features deep serration on one side, great for cutting through weeds and roots. The handle is positioned at a right angle to the blade, designed for better leverage when you pry up rocks and hard-packed dirt. The heat-tempered steel blade is durable under any conditions and resists rust. The Lesche Knife comes with a heavy-duty nylon belt holster.

The Fisher Lesche Knife features:

One-sided serration for cutting sod, weeds, & roots Blade positioned at a right angle to the handle for better leverage

Made of high-quality, heat-tempered steel that resists rust & extends edge quality

Heavy-duty nylon belt holster