Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II Metal Detector

Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II Metal Detector
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Product Description

Sea Hunter Mark II™

Discrete Trash Elimination technology Can be used underwater with a short stem Can be used on the beach with its long stem configuration Electronic housing may be mounted above, below or under the cuff A favorite detector for underwater treasure hunters around the world

Features: All Metal Deepseeking Mode Audio Threshold, Adjustable Discrimination: Full Range (PI) Submersible Headphones - Included Hip Mount Control Box Microprocessor Controlled Salt Elimination Mode (PI) Sensitivity / Depth Adjustment Surface Mount PC Board Technology

Specifications: Length: 28" to 52" - Adjustable Weight: 5.7 lbs. (2.6 kgs.) Batteries: 8AA Multiple Frequency Technology Operating Depth to 200 feet Independently sealed battery compartment Choice of four housing mount configurations Search Modes: Non Motion All Metal Standard PI Discrimination Discrete PI Discriminate Settings: Elimination / Discrimination Audio Threshold