Sun Ray X-1 Target Probe with Explorer SE Shaft

Sun Ray X-1 Target Probe with Explorer SE Shaft
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Product Description

SUN RAY X-1 TARGET PROBE (Black Shaft) for the Minelab Explorer S, XS, II, SE & Quattro Accurate "bulls eye" pinpointing on coin size targets up to 3" + deep depending on settings, ground and moisture conditions!

Light weight, waterproof/submersible 1" X 9" probe. Comes with a very flexible heavy duty custom 30" straight cable with strain relief for "tangle free" operation, and mounts nicely along the Explorer's battery compartment or on top of upper shaft.

Very compact, ultra light switch box mounted on bottom of upper shaft makes for easy switching from coil to probe. Makes coil changes super fast as coil cable will no longer be inserted into upper shaft! While the X-1 probe is waterproof the switch box is water resistant and must not be submersed.

X-1 gives operator ALL of the same functions as stock coil including accurate visual and audible target ID in both Smartfind & Digital mode, non-motion pinpoint, etc.

Accurate approximate depth indications from tip of probe to target can be achieved through visual observation of the Explorer's depth gauge (although the scale will be different). Scale is explained in X-1 instructions. Accuracy on coin size targets only.

Quality high performance toggle switch used for peak performance! (Minimum 100,000 mechanical life operation-as described in manufacturer's specs)

Toggle switch shuts off coil as it turns probe on and vise versa. Coil and probe are never on at the same time.

No external buzzers or lights are needed as all targets are heard clearly through your detector headphones!

No extra batteries required as the X-1 utilizes the detectors power source.

Complete installation & operation instructions included.


No more Empty holes! No more scratched or damaged targets!

Experience a Sun Ray in-line probe on your detector and you'll wonder how you ever got along without it!!